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The book Much wants More illustrates several instances where the protagonist receives something really nice and then promptly asks for something more to add to it!

We see and do this all the time. It goes from familial settings at home between children, to dictators in Third World countries. The thinking goes like this: “I am scared that I won’t have enough”; “I don’t believe that G-d will look after my needs let alone my wants” and other “Scarcity Mindsets”. That line of thinking has been building up to a societal level higher than ever seen before in our land.

The class system is alive and well in our country. Treating humans as objects by which I can get more, more, more is the norm in many cases. Our civilization created a type of avarice and self-absorption that is going on without any objections.

Blame anyone you want: Capitalism, the Internet, your parents, ‘The Man’, your partner/spouse. We don’t want to look in the mirror and see the other possibility.

Many have feelings for the plight of others during this Pandemic who, through no fault of their own, now find themselves unemployed and soon to be evicted from their homes. People ask “What can I do, I’m only 1 person and one person can’t change the habits of an entire nation.

My response to that is that we need only to go to the airport and see what one person did to forever change the procedures for travel.

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