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Swiss Citizens are known for their hard work ethic, preciseness, and financial confidentiality.

For the greater part of the 20th century, they had 80% of the world wristwatch market until the ‘Swatch’ came on strong and literally decimated the product hold of that country. Pricing was key to their aggressive ad campaign along with creating a fun, youthful approach to the product. Bright colors on rubberized bands completed the marketing plan for the young 10 to 18-year-olds. Price points put the ability to purchase in their hands as well as the choice of special watches for special seasons and occasions (think valentine and graduation). Our daughter was invited to a grad party in Chicago where each of the young ladies was given a Swatch just for attending the party!

Can you imagine Rolex giving their dealers approval of a sale day for their product… not likely!

The Swiss Army knife is a favorite that also came on strong but had a much more limited market. Needing to open a can of beans with one of the 6 or 10 blade models was not an absolute or regular necessity for the owner. Nonetheless each product was carefully crafted to suit a percentage of the market that wasn’t being served or listened to.

The point of these 2 products mini histories for us in funeral service can be summed up in one sentence: Know your market and determine if something is a trend or a fad. Flexibility is a key word in business today. When it comes to products or people you must keep a sharp eye out for changes and respond accordingly. Those who do not are playing with peril.

Can you say Uber?

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