The Roseboro


  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • Lilac with Natural Brushed Finish
  • Lavender Crepe Interior

Spring has arrived at ADDvantage (and you don’t have to drive or fly anywhere to be part of it).

Our casket of the month for May is the Roseboro which has feminine appeal with its Orchid tones and is chosen most often by a female in the arrangement party. This supports the theory that women are the majority decision makers for product selection!

The color is unique, but the quality also stands out. From the Sich factory’s construction of the casket body to the finishing touches on the Lavender crepe interior, the Roseboro fits your varied casket room choices and complements our other moderate price point metal caskets.

The Roseboro is an 18-gauge casket with swing bar handles that highlight a soft exterior coloration with a brushed finish.

Why not call our office at 1-800-CASKETT to have one of our salesmen bring one out to show you. There is no charge for this value-added service as we feel so confident that you will buy it, while we are there.

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