Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Problem solving is a learned skill not an innate ability.

These days the problem-solving people are the ones moving to the front of the line. They make suggestions for a positive operational change or trying a new product from suppliers based on research (not complicated MBA derivatives and algorithms) but basic nuts and bolts i.e., ‘the why’s’ of a product or service from the ground up.

There are many answers as to why a client family chose (or did not) your firm. Keeping track of the number of at need shoppers your funeral home receives in any given month and combining that with some phone calls to randomly selected families that have prearranged with your firm some years ago to see if there is any correlation is just one example.

Elon Musk uses First Principles thinking to solve complicated problems for his companies Tesla and SpaceX. That process can generate original solutions and make the final solution better than the Status Quo. Break the problem down (deconstruct) then make better or more use of the parts themselves and put it back together (reconstruct).

The time has never been better to show your manger/boss what you can do for the firm – as opposed to what the firm can do for you. If you want to be promoted and get a jump in your career, be bold and try some research – it may be an eye-opener for all involved.

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