Last Responders

At ADDvantage Casket, we need to acknowledge everyone in the medical profession working on the frontlines to save lives during this crisis. We think it’s every bit as important to also recognize the final responders. The funeral professionals helping families […]

Value based thinking

Value Based Thinking

What’s important today in funeral service? Has a shift occurred in the past decade so as to make certain things obsolete? While a large number of changes have occurred many of the traditional standbys have not. Like honesty, sincerity and […]

Solid or Veneer

Solid or Veneer (real or fake)?

When you stop to think about it, choosing a casket for a funeral home display room is similar to making other choices in your business life. What really matters, the quality or the price? Is it possible these days to […]

Funeral Service

Funeral Service Education Program

How many of you reading this remember a funeral service education program called “Life Appreciation training “and its founder/instructor Bill Bates? It began on the west coast and was originally supported by Pierce Brothers Mortuaries’ visionary executive Ralph Head. After […]


The death care profession and its critical personnel shortage

The leader in funeral home and cemetery staff recruiting – Global Recruiters’ – president, Mark Jorgensen, talks about what everyone is concerned with these days… the death care profession and its critical personnel shortage. But why? Too little pay for […]

Burning Platform

The Burning Platform

At 9:30 p.m. in July of 1988, a disastrous explosion and fire occurred on the Piper Alpha oil-drilling platform in the North Sea. 166 crew members and two rescuers lost their lives in what was (and still is) the worst […]